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Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute I have never known such amazing customer service in all my life. There was nothing of the "corporate big brother, in and out quick, take your cash, treated as a number, existing for profit" - type companies we see advertised in our daily newspapers and on TV... No, this team treat you like a friend, are gentle, kind, helpful, incredibly skilful and leave you thinking you are part of a family. Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute Thank you all for your excellent care and consideration in such a welcoming environment, so glad I came. And thank you Paula for calming down this very nervous patient. Already booked for a return checkup, a first for me. Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute I was treated by Dr Aneta for my dentures . She gave a great deal of time and care to my dentures to get them absolutely right. I am very happy with them and wear them all the time. I would thoroughly recommend Dr Aneta , she is very gentle , pleasant , made it so relaxing and incredibly thorough in her treatment. Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute Excellent dentist. Very conscientious. Best one in this neighbourhood by a long shot. Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute It took me a while to find the right clinic (I needed six crowns fitting). Archway Park Dental were amazing - very high quality service, reassured me completely and all at a very affordable price. I now travel to London to Archway Park for all my dental treatments Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute A wonderful dental practice with lovely and knowledgable staff who always make you feel at ease! Would 100% recommend Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute Very nice dentist and receptionist, I can only recommend it. I was completely satisfied with both the treatment and the personnel's kind interactions with their patients Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute A splendid, professional dental clinic with a 100% patient oriented service and super nice staff. Wholeheartedly can say to anyone to go there. Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your kind and conscientious care during my treatment. I am delighted to no longer have to worry about dental problems I should have addressed a good 2 years ago, but can now relax for the wedding.

The professionalism and kindness shown to me in Budapest, and by Aneta in London, were so welcome. It is a daunting prospect having extensive dental work undertaken but you all made it much more bearable.

Thank you, personally, Kami, for your immediate help when things went awry, and for your partner, Tim.

My new Maryland bridge is so much better than the original one, and (hopefully this is normal) has a little flexibility in that when I bite (bearing in mind I am being very conservative on that side) it moves fractionally up into my gum. I believe that is how it ought to be? I was very impressed by all three of the dentists I saw. Hungarian, Polish and Transylvanian! What an amazing eclectic mix!

I will leave my jaw to heal a while and think about stage 2 - the implants. After the wedding, I may be only able to have one at a time, but will get there eventually! Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute Dear Anita,

Just wanted to thank you very much for firstly fixing my broken tooth (which feels as good as new) and secondly dealing with my painful wisdom tooth so effortlessly. Am really grateful – many thanks!

Best Wishes Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute Good Morning Leticia,

As you know, I had attended a Consultation with Dr Anita Eles today, and I was so impressed by the entire experience that I thought I'd reiterate my sentiments to you and Anita once again.

I found the reception to be extremely warm, welcoming, and an extremely place to be. That reception was due in no less part to yourself, and I thank you for your making my stay extremely homely. The general interior was very pleasant also.

I also found the consultation with Dr Anita Eles the most pleasant, informative and pleasurable I've ever had! She explained everything about what had occurred in my teeth and gums, exactly as how I had experienced it without me saying - something that wasn't done at my experience at another dentistry nearby. She handled everything with care, professionalism, friendliness, with a wonderful touch of pleasant music! I appreciated everything she did very much, and I hope you can reiterate these sentiments as I wasn't able to convey it in person.

As you know, I originally was deciding between attending here or going for NHS treatment at a lower cost elsewhere, but I am actually glad that I did choose Archway Park Dental - it was my best experience ever at a Dentist Practice!

Again, thank you and Anita, and the experience here has persuaded me for the first time in my life to decide to attend a dentist regularly! This will definitely be my permanent one. Please feel free to put these words on your Patient Testimonial page. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best wishes Qoute


Archway Park Dental Archway Park Dental

Qoute Dear Anita

Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment and advice you have given me over the last year. I had an excellent experience and you all deserve a lot of credit for being so professional and Kind

Kind regards Qoute