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Treatment Journey

Treatment Journey
Treatment Journey
You think you need dental treatment but worried about the cost?

In the old days, most people were generally worried about going to the dentist. With today’s medical techniques and advanced anaesthetics most people are not worried about this any more; they are worried about the costs

At Archway Park Dental we want to give outstanding quality and care – make our patients as comfortable as they can possibly be – at prices they can afford.

First we need to provide you with a treatment plan

If you have a panoramic x-ray (OPG) that you have had done previously (less than 6 months) that you can send to us, we can provide a treatment plan back to you in an email. These prices can be for our London practice or our practice in Budapest, Hungary. We can also arrange X-rays and CT’s at one of several scan centres around the UK in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham and Bristol.

If you have already been given a suggested treatment plan by your regular dentist, we can also quote a 'like for like'. Treatments have a standard pricing structure so this is a quick process. However, this is sending the same treatment options to you when we on examination we may have provided different lower cost treatment options to you.

The clearest way, and what we would always recommend is having a consultation and a personal treatment plan and quotation, which can be arranged in our London clinic or even direct in Budapest itself if you happen to be there on holiday or business. This way a full check-up, X-ray and accurate treatment plan can all be provided on the day.

Alternative plans and quotes to meet your dental needs …. and budget

Following the consultation, we will provide you with a detailed proposal, explaining your treatment options and prices. One of our treatment consultants will also call you to take you through the options and advise you on the best course of action There are many different alternatives to reach the same end point - a smile that you are happy with. So whatever your budget we can help advise on the most appropriate treatment plan, in the most appropriate clinic.

Once you are happy with the price your appointments can be booked

Your quotation will include your treatment plan, prices plus time required to complete the treatment plan including any healing periods if extractions or implants are involved. Once you have agreed a plan we can then book the appointments at your chosen clinic. If you decide to get all or part of the treatment in Budapest we can also help you arrange your trip. Your appointment schedule including the names of your treatment dentists involved in your care will be fully detailed for you so you can plan ahead in your diary.

We can help you if you want to go to Budapest

If you decide to go to Budapest we can help with everything you will need from where to stay and arrange this if you need us to. To organising your transfers from the airport to your hotel to the clinic, and making sure you enjoy the beautiful city, we will be there to help. We can help advise you on the best airlines and flight times and prices. As we don’t hold your passport details we do not book the flights, but will help you with everything you need for this and make it all as easy as possible.

Typical Treatment Plan

To make the journey to Budapest worthwhile, the nature of the dental work required is typically significant and is therefore managed in two stages.

Stage One - Preparation

The preparation work is usually carried out on the first day, this means any external laboratory work required can be express processed while you enjoy a few days in beautiful Budapest. However, should you prefer a two visit plan, you could fly in for the preparation fly back the next day, and then return a week later when the final treatment can be administered.

Stage Two - Final Treatment

The final treatment leaves you with the end result, whether you leave with crowns, implants or major cosmetic work - you will have a smile on your face.

Providing the highest levels of aftercare - guaranteed!

Our level of aftercare support is unsurpassed and beyond that of any other dentist practice we know in either Hungary or the UK. If you want to know more about the aftercare check out 'Our Guarantee' where we explain what is covered and what happens should you need further treatment.

Get a 'no-obligation' quote to find out just how much you could save.

If you want the highest quality treatment with caring service and great prices – we guarantee you will not get a better combination of treatment, price and service than with Archway Park Dental.

treatment journey
treatment journey
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